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Storage Tips

  1. Keep frequently used items at the front of your self storage container, to make it easy to grab them on your next visit.
  2. Pack your items in boxes and label them, ensuring labels face outward when stacking
  3. Pack smaller items, like garden tools, inside larger ones, like the empty trash bins, to save space
  4. Stack boxes, heaviest at the bottom, to the ceiling to make the best use of your storage in the container.
  5. Place boxes along the walls and keep an inch of space to ensure air circulation.
  6. Keep a pathway down the centre of your self storage container.
  7. Store larger items vertically
  8. Once you’ve finished stacking your items, make a basic drawing that points out locations of different boxes in your self storage unit, such as clothes, tools, equipment, etc
  9. Keep tools like screwdrivers, a hammer, pliers, and a utility knife in your self storage unit, to use if you need to disassemble furniture to make them smaller for storage.
  10. Finally, keep a folding step stool to access items stored above-head height